Clothing Boutique

Our signature service, the clothing boutique is available to children in foster care and we offer a variety of outfits, pajamas, undergarments, coats, socks and shoes and other items to children, from infants to teenagers, throughout the year. 

In addition to clothing items, the boutique also offers personal care items, blankets, books, toys, baby equipment, sporting goods, and numerous other items-all of the things a young person needs to have the best childhood possible!

Children can come for a shopping visit twice a year during spring/summer and fall/winter seasonal changes. We also offer shopping for back to school and for when a child’s size changes.  All items are distributed through shopping visits where displaced children and their foster parent/kinship care parent work with a volunteer assistant to select items. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to obtain free clothing and supplies at Hope’s Closet?  
Children in foster care is eligible to shop at Hope’s Closet. 

What kind of documentation is needed? 
We require a placement letter from Children Services or a referral letter from your caseworker showing that the child you are shopping for is in your care. Please bring your letter with you to your appointment.

How often can my foster child visit Hope’s Closet?
Foster children can receive clothing on a semi-annual basis, for back to school and when the child’s size changes. 

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. We want to make sure that your child gets everything he or she needs by providing you with individualized attention. Appointments will usually last 30-60 minutes depending on the items needed.

What Items are available?
Sizes range from preemie through adult XXL.

  • Clothing
  • Pajamas, socks, underwear
  • Shoes
  • Coats/Jackets
  • Books
  • Toys (infant)
  • Backpacks, School Supplies
  • Baby Gear/Equipment
  • Toiletries

How many items can a child have?
Each child receives 1-2 week’s supply of clothing that includes new socks, underwear, pajamas, shoes, and coat. The number of other items given out such as toiletries, school supplies, accessories, and equipment varies according to the child’s need and the supply available.

What if a child leaves my home?
Any item given to a child by Hope’s Closet should remain with the child in the event the child leaves your home. We would appreciate it if you could return larger items such as baby swings, cribs or toys to Hope’s Closet if they don’t go home with a child, when they are no longer used, and still in good condition.  That way we can pass them along to another child in need! 

Where are you located?
Hope’s Closet is located in Suite C at 9850 Princeton Glendale Road (State Route 747) ​in West Chester, OH, 45246

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Reba at 513-773-4018 or