Our bright, inviting clothing boutique stocks high quality, new and gently used essentials for foster children. When they shop with us, we hope they get more than material things when they visit. We hope they also take away love, dignity, comfort, and confidence.

Foster children with open case plans are welcome to visit Hope’s Closet’s boutique. Visits are scheduled and accompanied by Shopping Assistants who lend a hand as the families shop. Depending on the type of visit, children can select 1-2 weeks of clothes along with other essentials and treasures.

Shopping Visit Occasions

  • New placement
  • Change of season, spring
  • Change of season, fall
  • Back to school
  • Growth spurt
  • Special occasion


  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Socks and underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Coats and jackets
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Swimwear


  • Baby gear
  • Toiletries
  • Blankets
  • Books, toys, gifts
  • Jewelry
  • Room decor
  • School supplies

A dedicated team of volunteers and the generosity of donors make it possible for Hope’s Closet to provide this service to the foster community.

Thousands of items come through our donation doors, get inspected for quality, sorted by size and season, added to racks on the boutique floor as needed, and then head back out in the hands of foster children. It is a massive job, but we are blessed with the best when it comes to volunteers!

To provide 14,000 outfits and thousands of other items to foster children each year, Hope’s Closet relies on donations to keep the shelves stocked. In addition to new and gently used clothing items, financial contributions are key to filling in the gaps between inventory and demand.

Ways to Donate

    • Drop new or gently used clothing and other essentials to Hope’s Closet

    • Host a donation drive

Items we accept new or gently used

    • T-shirts

    • Sweatshirts

    • Jackets & Coats

    • Shorts & Pants

    • Pajamas*

    • Shoes*

    • Swimwear

    • Bras

    • Hats & Gloves

    • Snowpants

    • Baby items smaller than cribs and changing tables

Items we accept in new condition only

    • Formula (sealed w exp date)

    • Toiletries

    • Socks & Underwear*

    • Books

    • Diapers & Wipes

    • Toys & Stuffed Animals

    • Car seats

    • Batteries

Hope’s Closet has a high standard for the gently used donations we accept. As a general rule, if we wouldn’t want our own kids in something, we don’t make it available to foster kids in our boutique. *Frequently needed items

Drop off hours: M-Th 9-4 and F 9-12

9850 Princeton Glendale Rd. Ste. C

West Chester, OH 45246

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documentation is needed for foster children to shop at Hope’s Closet? 
We require a placement letter from Children Services or a referral letter from your caseworker showing that the child you are shopping for is in your care. Please bring your letter with you to your appointment.

How often can my foster child visit Hope’s Closet?
Foster children can receive clothing at semi-annual season changes, at our back to school event, and when the child’s size changes. 

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. We want to make sure that your child gets everything he or she needs by providing you with individualized attention. Appointments will usually last 30-60 minutes depending on the items needed.

How many items can a child have?

Each child receives 1-2 week’s supply of clothing that includes new socks, underwear, pajamas, shoes, and coat. The number of other items given out such as toiletries, school supplies, accessories, and equipment varies according to the child’s need and the supply available.

What if a child leaves my home?
Any item given to a child by Hope’s Closet should remain with the child in the event the child leaves your home. We would appreciate it if you could return larger items such as baby swings and strollers to Hope’s Closet if they don’t go home with a child, provided they are no longer needed and still in good condition.

Where are you located?
Hope’s Closet is located in Suite C at 9850 Princeton Glendale Road (State Route 747) ​in West Chester, OH, 45246.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Reba at 513-860-HOPE (4673) or